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If you haven't heard of kratom by this point, you're missing out. This plant, a cousin of the coffee plant and a native of Southeast Asia, has been used in traditional medicines since the early 19th century. Pipe Dreams Glass provides a large selection of kratom capsules and kratom powder at our Davenport, IA store.

Here are three main strains we carry, along with many more in-store:

  1. Maeng-da Red-the best for pain and the best to take at night
  2. Maeng-da White-the next best for pain and can be used for increasing energy
  3. Maeng-da Green-a mood lifter offering a euphoric experience

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Why should you consider kratom use?

Why should you consider kratom use?

If you're plagued with pain or anxiety, kratom could be the answer you're looking for. Our expert staff can help you find the right kratom powder or kratom capsules you need.

Pick up some kratom products today because kratom:

  • Can boost your energy in a way that's cleaner than caffeine
  • Can decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression

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